SPATA is present on the market with a wide range of services of highly professional and innovative content:

• technical assistance to farms and agribusiness
• application of biocontrol integrated strategies
• application of development plan for trading and agrifood companies
• application of research on environmental impact
• assessment of feasibility projects on behalf of agribusiness and public companies
• assessment of environmental impact projects
• planning and carrying out of education/training programmes
• planning and starting up of Biofactories for the commercial rearing of natural enemies for biological control
• assessment of hydrogeology and applied geology plans

Quality of services is guaranteed by:

• the skills and expertise of professionals available inside the company
• a network of experienced advisors and partners covering the whole Sicilian territory
• established co-operation with public and private research institutions.

Among our customers:

• University of Catania - Faculty of Agricultural Science
• University of Catania - Faculty of Political Science
• University of Reggio Calabria - Faculty of Agricultural Science
• ENEA ( Agency for New technologies, Energy and Environment)
• Sicilian Agency for Agricultural development
• Town of Biancavilla
• Town of Ribera
• Town of Francofonte
• Regional Province of Enna
• Local Action Group (GAL) "Anapo Valley"
• Local Action Group (GAL) "Leontinoi"
• Sicilian Science and Techology Park
• Nomisma S.p.a.
• Ecosfera S.p.a.
• Agrobioservice S.r.l.
• Di.s.te Consulting S.r.l.
• Economic Research Centre Foundation "Angelo Curella"
• Consorzio Euroagrumi- Biancavilla
• Cooperative "Rinascita"- Vittoria
• Cooperative "Natura"- Vittoria
• Agricultural Cooperative "Valle del Dittaino"


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