Spata in mainly concerned with the commercial rearing of biological agents for biocontrol. The Biofactory managed by Spata is the sole specialised industry producing insects for the citrus crops protection in the South of Italy:

• Aphytis melinus for the biocontrol of the Red Scale (Aonidiella aurantii);

• Leptomastix dactylopii and Cryptolaemus montrouzieri for the biocontrol of Planococcus citri.

Carrying out research and achieving Know how during the last few years, enabled Spata to reach an higher standard of production and to widen its range of organisms rearing.

The large-scale rearing technique and the use in the field conducted by experienced agronomists revealed as a successful strategy for Spata to support its customers with the best solutions to phytophagous control. Spata is able to guarentee:

• quality of products
• speedy delivery
• technical assistance
(monitoring system, intervention protocol, insects launching assistance)

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